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Emmanuel Middle School

Christian Distinctiveness

We are delighted to be part of the wider family of Church of England schools.  We thrive as an organisation by building strong partnerships. This starts with our links to the Salisbury Diocese and St Michael’s Church but also significantly as part of the Wimborne Academy Trust.
Being a church school means that, at our very core, we look to reflect biblical principles in how we conduct ourselves and in what we want to achieve for our young people.
This mission is explored below in our wider Vision statement and in how we develop values throughout school.

Emmanuel’s Vision and Core Values

At Emmanuel we are inspired to go beyond our own limits

Our Vision at Emmanuel Middle is based on the Biblical text behind our core value of Excellence:  Colossians (chapter 3 verse 22 The Message), says ‘…don’t just do the minimum that will get you by. Do your best.’  Our vision is for pupils to strive for their best academically, morally and spiritually; in fact we inspire staff and pupils look beyond themselves because so often our notion of what is ‘our best’ is limited by social, cultural and personal factors. Our core values of ‘Excellence’, ‘Endeavour’ and ‘Enjoyment’ are everyday characteristics which underpin the vision of doing our best in every moment. That is why our reward system (see EMS Reward System) is based around these three values.

Also all of our Houses are named after inspirational characters who have shown their ability to go beyond what might be expect of them, demonstrating our core values in abundance. There is not one who cannot show that they have fully demonstrated the right to be an inspiration to us in all aspects. From Bear Grylls scaling mountains and recovering from injury whilst joking with Presidents; to Malala Yousafzai overcoming prejudice and violence to attend Oxford University whilst joking on youtube with her little brother; to Nic Vujicic who has let nothing limit his aspiration for living a full life of fun and adventure; to Emma Watson who has risen above the spotlight of early fame to inspire and hold to account leaders around the world.  Learn more about them and our core values and let this be your inspiration at Emmanuel Middle.