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Emmanuel Middle School

Year 6 Residential

We have tried a new way to add photos to our blog.  Hopefully they will appear above this text! We will add more when we blog again tomorrow.

Thursday's Blog


Today I enjoyed high ropes and going global, high ropes was a lot like go ape where you are buckled to a bungee cord have to do obstacle courses up in the trees.  I also did going global where you act like a country and have to create shapes and sell the for money, I got Germany.

Ben T

Today I had an amazing day, I did a water activity.  I got soaked!  You had to wade through a stream (with waterproofs on) and go under obstacles.  I also had another activity where there were loads of mini challenges.  Some were really hard and you had to work as a team.

Erin M


Wednesday's Blog

I did the wilderness adventure today.  We did climbing and sliding through small holes in the rocks, we visited a river then splashed in it then we did an extra walk and met the minibus.  I enjoyed sliding through the small holes and banging my head alot.  We roly-polyed up the hill outside Heatree's dining room.

Emily C

We went and played around in mud!  We were doing obstacle courses where we couldn't step on the floor and we had 15 lives and then when we got to some tyres it didn't matter if we on the floor and we could have fun.  We went down to a river and we were walking through the river going under bridges and through tunnels.

We had sausages, chips and beans for dinner with brownies for pudding.  It was delicious.

Olivia B

Tuesday's Blog

We were surprised this morning to discover we were going on a wilderness walk.  Everybody was saying they were really tried before we even left.  We looked at different types of rocks and went to a river where there were crystals.  We walked a long way and we got to a rock climbing bit.  They were really big and scary!  I didn't want to do it but then I tried and I got right to the top.  I thought I was going to blow away in the wind.

Mya W

We did archery in the morning and Mr G hit a bullseye on his first shot!  I didn't hit it very much, but it was still fun.  Then we went on a low adventure and we went on a wooden obstacle course where we had to swing on a rope to the other side of the platform.  We had to work as a team to try and find our way around the course.  We went into a stream and we had to crawl though tunnel with water pouring through and it was very wet.  

Jack C


Monday's Blog

Today on our journey to Heatree we started off by doing some orienteering where we searched and explored the new grounds.  We were searching for certain words and colours.  We grouped into teams and got to explore without the teachers!  Afterwards we practised our fire drill then we headed off to dorms to set up for the night.  The dorms were pretty nice, and we had everything we need like extra pillows and nice duvets.  We were all satisfied with our room especially the bathrooms.  Afterwards we enjoyed a lovely dinner which included some pasta bake with garlic bread to finish off the meal we had some Apple Crumble which was delicious.  We headed out to enjoy some fresh air, but some stayed back to help clear up.  Some people choose to watch a movie and some played football. We are looking forward to being outside all day tomorrow.  Some people are doing High Ropes and Archery which they are looking forward to.  We are also excited to go to Tamalake Island tomorrow.  Mr Timmins says he hopes we all sleep tonight!

Written by Harry B and Elesa F