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Emmanuel Middle School

Isle of Wight Blog Friday

This morning Mr Timmins and Miss Howe came and knocked on our window and door to tell us to get up and get ready for the last day on the Isle of Wight.  Due to being the last day, we had to strip our beds, tidy our room up and get our suitcases packed and outside.  

After breakfast, we had several activities to complete, including: sensory trail, quad biking, fencing and survivor.   Each group had two activities (there were 7 groups).  Our group (group 3) had quad biking first.  The quad bikes were phosphorescent blue and the helmets multi-coloured.  

On Friday group 2 had sensory trail and we had to put blackout glasses on and we got really muddy.  While we did it we were splashed by other people in our group.

On our last day at PGL, we had burgers for lunch.  They were very tasty and all of the servers were friendly and 5e other meals even had dessert.  I love PGL!

Ella, Olivia, Elliot and Danny