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Emmanuel Middle School

Isle of Wight Blog Tuesday

As we woke up on a beautiful, sunny morning, we were all so excited for the activities coming up.  For the Isle of Wight we are split into 7 groups.  I (Matthew C) am in group 4.  Group 3 + 4 did abseiling for their first activity.  If you do not know what abseiling is, it is when you walk down a wall on a harness.  It was so fun but also really scary for the first time.  We got 2 goes.


I (Jamie Timmins) am in group 1. One of the activities I did was aeroball.  Aeroball is where you’re on a trampoline and you have to throw a ball in a hoop. The winners in my group were Oliver and Harry.  It was so much fun!


After lunch, which was very nice, we went to the shop.  I bought sweets. After the shop we then went to do our activities that were in the afternoon.  I had puzzle solving (which was very hard) and orienteering (which was fun).