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French Residential - Day Three

Daily blog from the French Residential - day three - Disneyland

On Wednesday we went to Disneyland Paris. On Tuesday evening we were so excited for Disney and crêpe making in the evening. When we arrived it was raining and everyone was freezing but we were still buzzing for the day ahead.

When we were in the rides we had a few problems but you will see with Zoe’s experience below. The first ride we went on was Crush’s Rollercoaster and it was really fast and scary. After that we went on Parachute, which is a very high ride, and when you dropped down it made your tummy feel funny at the top; you could see all of the parks. Then we made our way towards the Haunted Hollywood Tower. The Hollywood Tower was everyone’s favourite but that is a whole other story.

On the Tower of Terror, our group was trapped in the ride for a while. We were at the very last drop when the ride stopped working. All bags were supposed to go on the floor but someone’s wasn’t and the sensors picked up its movements and they stopped the ride for safety reasons. The lights were all off and there were cameras in the corner and a worker started to speak to us. We all had to say what language we spoke and the man said that bag had been ‘flying’ the entire ride and that we would be going down soon.

It turns out that a few minutes later, they realised that they would need a specialist to fix it. The lights came on after a while and some people still thought it was part of the ride. After a long time, we were lowered back down and were found out through CCTV whose bag it was. After all that we got another ride on the Tower of Terror so we could ride it properly.

Lily M, Emily H, and Zoe R